Al Ain


80 x 80 cm
Hand drawing and Mixed Media Textiles texture 300 gr m2
Product type: Graphic art
Limited Edition 1/50
Artist: Lola Dunham
Shape: Square
Subject: nature forces, divinity, human kind.

La petite mort

noun [ feminine ] /mɔʀ/
(fr) death

The expression 'la petite mort' is a socio-cultural phenomenon defining the sensation of physical and spiritual release that follows the orgasm, as likened to death. Originally used as a term to define fainting fits or nervous twitches, the little death became a euphemism for the temporary descent into unconsciousness that some feel following a moment of sexual intensity. The concept is used by artist Lola Dunham to create a series of passionate paintings that express desire, eroticism and sexual attraction as symbols of energy and force, and also intimacy with your partner. Her productions are artfully printed on mixed media textile, which are carefully boxed to protect the surface, and finally protected with heavy duty wrap, ensuring safe arrival to its new home.